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    About Us

    Welcome on Board: The Ticou-Ticou fishing boat is a pleasure craft where you can fish in different types like bottom fishing, big game fishing, jigging and in a good atmostphere for an excursion on Ticou-Ticou fishing boat, departure at wolmar Flic-en-Flac around 9h30 and sail along the west coast of Maritius island where you will have the most impressive encounter with dolphins at the bay of Tamarin and before arriving to coconut island you can swim, snorkling to explore the beauty of marine life lost in your dream at Black River.


    After this, we go directly to discover the most peculiar coral mushroom which is natural and very beautiful of the Benitier at Case Noyale and finally to coconut islands where you can taste the delicious soup of fresh fish, if you are fishing, the lunch comprising of BBQ of lobster, chicken, fish with garlic bread and green salad. Beer, wine, soft drinks and the special local Rhum of Mauritius are available for picnic. Sunglasses, sunblock lotion and swims coats are a must.


    A most thrilling and unforgettable experience!




    • Outing starts morning, 9 a.m watching dolphins at Tamarin bay, snorkeling and swim to explore the beauty of marine life at Black River Aquarium, bottom fishing; Where you can taste the fresh fish soup or fried fish which you had fish, discover the most peculiar Coral mushroom of the Benitier and island, picnic on cococnut island. Lunch comprising barbecue (fish, chicken, lobster, garlic bread) with green salad, soft drinks and local rum. Vegeterian food also available. A cake will offer for if any special day. Back at 4 p.m
    • Only bottom fishing along the west coast of the island, morning 8 a.m to 12 o'clock
    • Big game fishing and jigging half day or whole day to 4 p.m
    • Watching Sunset nearer



    • reservations 2 days before for any activities above.
    • In case of bad wheather, advanced payment will refund.
    • In case of cancellation, deposit will not refundable.


    7/7 from 9hr to 16hr

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