Natures Agrotech Ltd
Newry Complex. 85, St Jean Road, Quatre-Bornes
T : 4666475 -

    About Us

    Welcome to Natures Agrotech Ltd.

      PURE ORGANIC SHOPPEE  now  first time in Mauritius. where you will get  huge  variety  of organic food products.

    We will be offering  processed food, whole spices, ready cooking pastes, and everything that one need in kitchen in a “PURE Organic” Form.

    we also provide gardening and landscaping  assistance with our expertise .

    Ready To Cook Paste
    Ready To Cook Sauces
    Organic Spices
    Organic Herbs
    Dehydrated Products
    Barbeque Paste


    Monday - Saturday : 9.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs
    Sunday - 09.30 hrs - 12.30 hrs

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